After the Fall.

After the Fall.

Walking with Jesus is not always a walk in the park; but navigating the ruins after a ministry leader falls is a different kind of hard.

It’s disorienting to discover misplaced faith.

It identifies any faith you have in humanity and offers you an opportunity to redirect that faith to the only One it should have ever been in, in the first place.

This is easier said than done though.

It’s tempting to revert to whatever you knew before because maybe that will make it stop.

Maybe that will lessen the pain you’re having to endure.

Maybe, just maybe, going back to the old habits, activities, and ways of thinking will alleviate the damage done by the betrayal.

This emergency exit is nothing more than an illusion.

Walking through that doorway of deception won’t make it better and it won’t make it stop.

It won’t undo the damage, it actually just creates more things to heal from.

Three things I want to encourage you with today if you find yourself walking through a similar situation:

1. God did not cause this; the “leader’s” free will did.
2. You’re not alone; God has not left you.
3. Going back to old ways only gives you more things to get through.

Keep your eyes on HIM and get back into the secret place.

Love you 🫶
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