Jesus Gets Us. (And Changes Us To)

Jesus Gets Us. (And Changes Us To)

Just because a message is about someone named Jesus, doesn’t make it the true Gospel.

The Gospel requires repentance.
The Gospel requires holiness.
The Gospel requires self-denial.
The Gospel requires obedience.

If your gospel doesn’t include all of these things, you have been deceived into believing a counterfeit version of Christianity.

I used to believe in a god too that was okay with me being an androgynous female and identifying as a lesbian. I believed that I could be a Christian and be gay. I believed that I could do whatever I wanted to do whenever I wanted to do it and that since I had faith in “god” that I was entitled to the salvation, healing and blessings that Jesus is known for.

But I was deceived. I had created my own god and my own gospel, neither of which were capable of changing my life here on earth, my mental state or securing my eternity in Heaven.

Only the Lord Jesus Christ can do that.

Jesus did instruct us to love our neighbors as ourselves, but before He said that we were instructed to love God more than ourselves and our neighbor.

Jesus also said that if we wanted to follow Him that we must deny ourselves and take up our own cross, meaning to crucify our own fleshly desires.

He also said that whoever does not take his own cross and follow Him is not worthy of Him.

Discernment says: This ad is fueled by demonic doctrine masquerading as a ministry campaign and it’s comforting people in their captivity and not calling them out of those chains.

And that ⬆️ is not like Jesus at all.

Love you 🫶
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