The Scriptures Exist to Exemplify Hope.

The Scriptures Exist to Exemplify Hope.

Unpopular opinion. A lifestyle of impurity cannot co-exist with a Holy God.

When we say “God is love” as a way to define being passive and substantiate perversion, we’re undermining the sacrifice of Jesus and the effects that His death and resurrection has over sin.

A problem with this type of alternative or progressive theology is that we have people out here claiming to be Christian’s still dealing with years and years of perverted identities, gender dysphoria, addictions, crippling anxiety, depression, life-ending ideologies, you name it.

These things are some of the manifestations of being dominated by sin.

When in reality, when you’re truly following Jesus, these are the things he leads you out of.

These are the chains He breaks off of you.

These are the very things He died to save you from.

The scriptures don’t exist to drive HATE.
They exist to exemplify HOPE.

Galatians 5:1
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