He Felt It First.

He Felt It First.

My decisions. His consequences. 😭😭

Not going to lie…I’ve been bitter about having to walk through some consequences of my own actions.

And I got that way, because I failed to remember in the moment that there were situations that I was only in because of choices I made years ago.

It doesn’t mean that the hurt wasn’t real.
Or that the pain didn’t affect me.

I’m just acknowledging the fact that some of the pain and hurt could’ve been avoided had I not been disobedient to God’s design in the first place.

I can look at me in my life and see how and why I’ve had to face some of this pain but when I look at Jesus, He didn’t do anything. Yet, He paid for everything.

Every discomfort that my sin has ever caused me, He felt it first.

He felt the agonizing fear, rejection, betrayal and anxiety to the point that blood seeped out of his sweat glands.

He felt the way my sin would expose me on his back as the flesh was being ripped open by the whip.

He felt my thoughts of death and depression on his head as the thorns punctured his scalp.

He felt the pressures of what I would try to carry in silence shoot through his arms and legs as they drove in the nails.

He felt the sourness of the curses my tongue would speak in his mouth as sour wine.

He felt it all.

Mine. Yours. Theirs. Everyone’s.

And not just to offer us a way out of the penalty of sin, but even from the power that sin once had over us.

He died that gruesome death over 2000 years ago not only so we don’t have to go to hell after our time on earth is done, but also so we don’t have to live out hell on earth.

He truly does get us. My prayer though is that more and more of “us” get HIM and truly come to know Him.

Thank you Jesus. 🙌😭✝️
Hebrews 4:15
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