The truth doesn’t mind being questioned.

The truth doesn’t mind being questioned.

The truth doesn’t mind being questioned, but questioning a lie exposes irritation.

I get comments and messages all the time from people whose beliefs line up with what I used to believe.

Their frustration is evident in their wording and it’s because it’s easier to stomach being offended rather than believing you’re wrong.

I can understand how one arrives to that position because I, myself, lived from that position for over 13 years.

Believing that the people that objected what I believed were the issue and not the things that I believed.

A much younger me scoured the internet for “truth” that would co-sign my desires, and I adopted into my belief system, any arguments that seemed plausible or sounded good.


I don’t post things so I can prove others wrong.
I don’t post things to slander or spew hate on others.
I don’t post things to heckle a community.

I post because if you knew what I now know, you would want what I have too.

I post because I lived that way long enough to realize that the same devil that lures you into that lifestyle is the same one who tries to kill you in it.

I post because although that community prides itself on inclusion, they’re quick to ostracize someone who doesn’t believe exactly like them.

This isn’t inclusion, it’s indoctrination.

I post because what I needed to read on the internet when I was a young girl was something like this:

👉 A same-sex relationship will not fulfill you.
👉 Changing your gender will not fulfill you.
👉 Drugs and alcohol will not fulfill you.
👉 God did not make a mistake when He made you.
👉 God did not make you gay.
👉 HE IS what you are looking for.

It is my prayer for every single person who reads these words that the God of all creation will reveal Himself to you in such a powerful way that you can no longer deny His presence, power, authority and truth. And I pray it in the mighty name of Jesus!

Be free in Jesus name.

Love you 🫶
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