Something To Chew On.

Something To Chew On.

A gospel that does not offend sin is not a gospel that has the ability to save.

I had a thought, as I was laying down to go to sleep last night that felt a little something like this:

“maybe a reason that so many people won’t get into heaven is because we let everybody into the church”

Yeah, I know this is gonna rub a lot of you the wrong way because culture and religion likes to paint the church as a hospital for the broken.

But the church wasn’t created to entertain what is dead.

It was created to equip what has been made alive for the work of ministry.

The church is supposed to be a gathering of the believers, not a presentation to unbelievers of why they should believe.

Heaven is not a timeshare.
Salvation is not life insurance.
Sanctification is not a suggestion.

But far too many men have built their ministries to capitalize on the brokenness of others. Prostituting the gifts of the Spirit like they are an amenity of the campus.

And you may say, but Teri, “even Jesus said that he didn’t come for the healthy, but the sick.”

You are correct.

But see, Jesus said that while standing in the house of a tax collector He had met in the public that had recently made a decision to lay down his own life and follow Him. (Luke 5:27-32)

And that’s why we’re called to be like Christ. Jesus was the most effective evangelist to ever walk this earth.

And when the saints are equipped properly, that’s exactly what a believer becomes, an effective evangelist.

Wherever they go in their life:
Around their family.
Into their job.
Visiting their local grocery store.
(Insert place you frequent here)

And THEN they invite the newly converted believers to the house of the Lord, to be further equipped to go out an make more disciples.

Just because a building has a cross on it doesn’t mean the Spirit of the resurrected God is there.

Discernment is key in these last days. 🔑

Love you 🫶

If any of you lacks wisdom, let him ask God, who gives generously to all without reproach, and it will be given him. - James 1:5
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