The Cost of Counterfeit.

The Cost of Counterfeit.

Imagine this for a moment:

A discarded lottery ticket, barely visible amidst the rain-slicked sidewalk, snagged your attention. Though appearing like mere trash, an inexplicable urge compelled you to pick it up.

Back home, curiosity outweighed your initial judgment, and you found yourself scratching off the faded numbers. Your heart hammered in your chest as the winning combination emerged, revealing a life-altering sum.

Elated, you rushed to your computer, confirming it was a legitimate lottery with a real, astronomical prize. However, claiming it necessitated a trip to the headquarters, which was impossible at this late hour. “Tomorrow,” you resolved, yet the promise dwindled with each passing minute.

Your current life felt trivial compared to the impending riches. Consumed by anticipation, you impulsively emptied your savings. You purchased your dream car, quit your job without hesitation, and booked a luxurious vacation, all fueled by the unwavering belief that a giant check awaited you the next day.

Pulling up to the headquarters in your new car, a triumphant smile bloomed across your face. Handing over your ID and the ticket, you envisioned a new, vibrant life.

“Wow, that’s a hefty sum,” the clerk remarked, his eyes scrutinizing the ticket. “Big plans?”

You simply returned a confident smile. As the clerk processed the paperwork, he disappeared with the ticket, returning with colleagues. Their initial excitement morphed into a concerning silence.

“I’m afraid this ticket is a counterfeit, a very good one,” the clerk offered apologetically. “The game and prize are real, but this ticket doesn’t exist in our system.”

You’d believed a lie, sacrificed your present for a future that would never come. The weight of your delusion settled, a harsh lesson learned the hard way. The counterfeit, you realized, had taken everything.

Just like that ticket, a counterfeit gospel will cost you everything.

The feeling at the counter will be the feeling at the gate for many on judgement day.
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